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Furniture and Architecture
Published:2009-08-05 Visitors:6673
     The great Chinese nation as early as more than 100 million years ago, standing in the world for its wisdom and the Orient. According to historical records: "Elder of the land, people, animals and the less public, and the people numerous animal pest mosquitoes, there are saints for, structure-wood nest, in order to avoid the group of victims." "Easy copulative" contains: "Ancient cave and wild Department . "" Book of Rites, Li Yun, "said:" Xizhe kings, not palaces, winter camps are living cave, summer is Juchao. "ancient period of the first people, in order to avoid the cold and heat fighting beast, places caves, with natural disasters and the fight against the beast to survive. The literature reflected the prevailing mode of human living. In the excavation of ancient ruins, also recorded in the literature on the specific image.

     One, people, furniture, construction
     Zhoukoudian, Fangshan District, Beijing "Peking Man" living in a natural cave, dating back about 40-50 ten thousand years. In the new Paleolithic transition, the end of our ancestors were the original group way of life, into the clan society. Banpo Village in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, dating back 7000 years of clan village site, there are square, but also semi-circular-shaped cave pit houses. Figure 1, Figure 2 is a primitive Banpo Village in Xi'an, Shaanxi generous housing and housing rehabilitation to imagine a circular diagram, ( "History of ancient architecture in China," China Building Industry Press, 1998 edition)
     In the long history of human development, the ancestors were from the nesting habitat, the original cave living room to the ground on the construction of the sedentary life, has gone through a long historical process. In this difficult history, our ancestors were also create infinite wealth and human civilization. As early ancestors were living in natural caves, in order to avoid the cold and wet, then the grass, leaves, animal skins for the seats, or trees, stones for the pier, the period spent a rest appliances. Living in natural caves, grass, leaves, animal skins, stones and so on. Although there is no shortage of processing known as the furniture, but has played a role in the furniture: the human cattle living history tells us: With the cave from their homes and in the grass, leaves, animal skins, stone furniture began, furniture and building on the accompanied by the birth. Relationship between the two can be described as inseparable. Generally speaking, the building is outside the image, the furniture is to substantiate the specific content of the construction is to contribute to building function into full play and even the specific article. Mr. Yang Yao in the "Study of Ming-style furniture," said: "In human society, since the activities had to build a house on, there will be a furniture activity. Our ancestors mastered the period of stone tools. Why should not the wood targeting the early wood to produce it? probably just because wood can not be like stone tools, pottery, bronzes, like durable, so far failed to leave behind years of verified in-kind. "(" Ming-style furniture research ", the China Construction Industry Press , 1986, p. 43)

     The development of furniture, mainly based on changes in the way people are living forward, although subject to age restrictions on scientific and technological level, in materials, processes, etc. will be affected, but in its essence - function, shape, size and so on, mainly by a person's daily life constraints. Of course, the people's daily life but also the inevitable way the rest of society is being affected by factors such as the advancement of technology, social change, national integration, the impact of foreign culture, the changes in architectural space and so on. Would give people in the community to bring changes in daily life, and even the furniture development. Therefore, furniture and building development, are not open from the social environment. Ancestors living in caves among the low, the use of furniture can only be grass, leaves, animal skins like the original furniture. Into the slave society, we can from the "Winter Official Kao Gong Ji Zhou" and that: "After the summer's World Room, Hall repair 27, Canton 4 Shuichi: 5 rooms, San Sibu, four three feet. 9 bands . four bedrooms and two folders, windows Baisheng. Gate Hall, 3 bis; room, one of the three. "
    "Yin people re-housing, look for church repair 7, Tsung-tang three feet, four A, re-housing."
    "Zhou people Mingtang, degree Jiuchi the feast, East and West 9 banquet, North-South 7 feast, a banquet hall Shung. 5 room, where the two banquet rooms. Room moderate with a few, the classroom degrees in order to feast, the palace degrees in order to find wild degree in order to step coated degrees in order to track. temple Yodai shut 7, door to women's capacity of small shut the door 3, road travel can not be the five door, the door 2 Toru 3, which has nine rooms, nine Bin habitats, . 9 outside the room, Jiuqing towards Yan. "(" Zhou Yi Li Book of Rites ", Yuelu bookstore, 1989 edition, p. 129)

     Yin people from the above that the creation of roughly four A house is a four-poster double eaves and re-appearance, about 56 feet long (bachi to find), Zhou Dynasty's palace is about 81 feet long. Their specific appearance is unknown, it is only a guess. In such a palace building specifications must be a corresponding room furniture, we are in the "furniture and the Man" had a detailed description of the ZU, several, forbidden, š, XI, axes according to (screen), etc.. In addition, we from the Oracle of "accommodation", it can guess at the time the deceased was living in the referred-shaped building, the use of shaped mats. (See Figure 3)
     In addition, unearthed in Yin Ruins in Anyang, Henan Yu Ren, you can reproduce a specific ancestors knelt lifestyle image.

     As society advances, people's living environment has been improved, indoor furniture, are bound to follow the ever-changing. Furniture and architectural space are getting closer and closer, more and more prominence in the form of more and more diverse. Among them, according to interior space to create furniture into a new fashion, particularly imperial palace and the Fusion mansion, "is often the furniture as an important part of interior design, often in the construction of housing, under the building into the deep bay and use requirements, consider the types of furniture, pattern, scale, etc. to complete the preparation. "(" History of ancient architecture in China, "China Building Industry Press, 1998, p. 347)" Dream of Red Mansions "is the theory to do the most vivid interpretation. "Dream of Red Mansions" 17th back to "Grand View Garden only question for trial the amount owned by provincial Qing Rong-guo House Lantern," a return, the description of the Jia Yuan Chun Gui years to meet such meetings, Ningrong two governments to build a busy Grand View Garden. One day lead the House minority Jia Zheng Qing-off Tour Grand View Garden, and to question the amount of the garden spots. Jia Zheng and the crowd in the road, the "rise suddenly see the area in front of powder-Yuan, a few Ying repair homes, there are thousands of bamboo poles cover mapping, when everybody was all Road: 'Good location!' So we go into, we saw the door is tortuous veranda, order diffuse into the next gravel Yong Lu, the above three small houses, two-ming, a dark, which are the point of playing co-chair of the bed a few cases. "(" Dream of Red Mansions ", People's Literature Publishing House, 1964 edition, the first volume, 188 pages) are talking about here, "co-point play" is under the interior space to design, build furniture and furnishings. Furniture, shape, size are subject to space constraints.
     Looking at history, the material provided in the relationship between furniture and architecture is very close. Ever since human beings have living space available on the nature of life tools, along with social progress, the improvement of living space, living expenses are also constantly changing the furniture. In the development needs of human life, enrich the style of furniture together, using the forms together, "in-place to create" "ancillary use", and so new ideas are there. It can be said, furniture and architecture of the human grasp since they started on each other to rely on each other with and promote each other, in the service of humanity under the premise, in order to meet the needs of human life, and constantly create a different kind of living space - new architecture and style of furniture. The furniture and architecture, but also to meet human needs in the process of creating a unique national characteristics of the architectural culture and furniture culture.

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